Evermix New Year Update 2019


Happy New Year Mat!
We hope 2019 brings lots of success and good music!
We’d like to update you on some big changes that will be happening over the next couple of months.
If you have any questions on how these changes will affect you please get in touch at support@evermix.fm
Changes to the Evermix Ecosystem
Late last year we conducted research with our customers, and the valuable feedback we gathered confirmed a strategic change of direction that we’ve been considering for several months. As a result of this, we’re changing how Evermix works for DJs. We’ll no longer operate as a streaming site for your mixes, but will continue to work on and improve what matters most: allowing you to record high quality mixes and share them with your fans.
1. Website: Uploading functionality to evermix.fm will be phased out meaning DJ accounts will no longer exist in their current form, and your mixes will no longer live on evermix.fm. We’ll continue to partner with DJs and events editorially and feature these artists and brands on our site, as well as aiming to improve the information and after sales services on the site. This is estimated to go live in mid February 2019
2. Evermix DJ App: Is being rebuilt from the ground up to remove obsolete functionality, improve UX, and re-introduce instant sharing to Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and other streaming sites without the need to upload to evermix.fm. The release date for the new DJ App is planned for late February 2019
Until the release of the new App in February, instant sharing to Mixcloud, Soundcloud & social accounts will be disabled. We’d really appreciate your patience and support whilst we work through the changes. We’ll ensure that basic recording and downloading functionality is always live and available in the DJ App.
During this time recordings will need to be manually exported from the DJ app to iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive and then uploaded to your accounts on other streaming sites.
There are help articles on how to export your recordings from the App in our helpdesk.
You can also export your recordings by connecting your mobile device to your computer.
These changes will allow us to focus our efforts and resources on the DJ app and hardware in order to provide the best possible recording and sharing experience for DJs. The website was swallowing up a lot of time and money, and formed an extra step in the process of uploading and sharing your music. We firmly believe the new approach will allow us to move the business forward quickly whilst providing a better service to our customers.
In the meantime, we strongly recommend downloading any of your Evermix mixes on evermix.fm that aren’t already backed up, by the end of January. Here’s some advice on how to do this.
Android Development & MixBox News
The new DJ App is being built to be compatible cross-platform on both iOS and Android. It’s been a long wait for Android users – but the end is in sight. An Android MixBox is also well into development.
By the beginning of April 2019 we’ll be in a position to begin taking pre-orders on Android hardware, for May delivery.
iOS model MixBoxes are back in stock and ready to ship. Hit the button below to visit the store if you need one.
Thanks for reading, and here’s to a successful 2019!
Team Evermix